The scary sleepover


The other night my friend and i had a sleep over and we were telling scary storys at night in the dark, after she told me her scary story we saw a flash of light, then, darkness, we got so scared we jumped out of the bed and ran to mums room and she told us to not worry so we went back to my room then it happend againg and again and it kept flashing so we ran to the spare room and slepts there for the night.

The Unusual Saturday

On Saturday my best friend kim and I went on the boat we went to Tangalooma.When we got there we got the canoe And the oar so we could go up close to the ship wrecks, my dad had one rule we couldn’t go into the water were the ship wrecks were with no adult. After we had fun swimming we went to the bakery and we saw this super tasty looking doughnut I was staring at it wistfully unfortunately i couldn’t get it, when we got our pies we went home and on the way home we saw this wrinkled old mushroom It looked so gross.

The stolen house parts

The other week I was walking past my neighbours new house and I noticed that her fence was exactly the same as my friends stolen fence it had a black scratch just like hers did and the number was 29 with a little brown dot at the top just like my friends! I walked up to there door and nocked the door looked familia just like my missing door… there was an old lady who came out and rudely said what do you want I asked her where she got the fence from and she slammed the door on me.








Part two next Thursday

My brother

…’ No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite.’…

This morning I saw my brother about to take a bite out of toast with Marmite on it! “Marmite is disgusting” I shouted. And then pulled it away from his mouth, I got Nutella out from the cupboard and said have this instead its much better,“No he said, ‘I like marmite…’ I grabbed the marmite and I put it on a pice of toast, i went to take a bite and spat it all over mums bran new white carpet, oops…I quickly got paper towels and placed them on the spot that I spilled it on I then started jumping on them.








Part two coming soon

the mistory statue

One day my mum and I were walking around the neibourhood and we saw this statue we thought it might have been new because ive never seen it there before. The next day we walked back to the statue and it was GONE! It couldn’t of been nocked down that eaisly in 24 hours so we looked around the area it was in and there was completely nothing there so we went home. The next morning I woke my brother up and I asked if he would walk with me to the statue and he said yes, when we gor there the statue was there!

       Part two next week!


The balloon

Yesterday i was kicking a brown balloon around. About an hour after I was kicking it around my brother kicked it and it popped, it was so loud the whole neighbourhood could hear it, that was super frightening I thought I went deaf. My mum came running around the corner. I thought I would never be aloud back home from the yelling and screaming. After that I took my dog coco for a walk, I heard another ballon pop and my dog got so scared he ran off! I followed him but he was no where…




Part two next Thursday

I lost my sister

I was heading down town to see my sister in her new shop. When I walked past she wasn’t there. So I went home to see if she was there and she STILL wasn’t there, I then went to her favourite café that she hangs out with her friends in and again she still wasn’t there, I saw one of her best friends in the café so I went in and asked her “do you know were my sister went?” She said “last time I saw her she was at work” ‘… but where did she go?’ I shouted… I sighed…



The yellow bike

One Saturday I was walking to the park with my older sister Katie, then we came across a bright yellow bike it almost made me blind. It looked like it was tied to a pole with a zip-tie, yellow is my favourite colour so of corse I  wanted to take it home but katie said I couldn’t because it might have germs on it or it could be somebody’s and they left it there while they were playing at the park. When we were waking home we saw a little girl crying so we went up to her, she needed help cutting the zip-tie off so we helped her.