I chose an aeroplane, i think there the safest and best viechle to travel in, In my opinion i think Aeroplanes are better than cars because cars have more chance of crashing then Aeroplanes there for Aeroplanes are more safe, Planes  can get up to 30,000 to 36,000 feet high and they can get up to 460-575 mph, or 740-930km. Sometimes you can hit turbulence, if long distances were to stop it would be so sad because then you cant fly to other countrys, i think if long distance stops it will affect most poeple since over 1m people travel a day.

Fire alarm

Me and my family were at a hotel at the blue waters, we wanted to go see the industry of the beach so we got all our stuff and went, after a bit of swimming we realised we forgot suncream! My whole family was bright RED it was funny but we went back to the hotel and the fire alarm went off a big speaker came in and said “EVERYONE EVACUATE TO DOWNSTAIRS EARGENT” i was so affraid but we went to ground floor and after a long time in the sun again we got sooo burnt, they said the hotel is now safe you may all go back to your rooms.

Besties new house!

My Mum drove my best friend Milly and I to our other friend Taliah’s new house, when we got there it was so cute Taliah showed us her new room and we loved it! It was really small but Taliah makes everything cute. After she showed us around she brought us to her favourite room “the HANGOUT room” she told us not to turn the lights on because something happend to them… we had so much fun but when me and Taliah went to grab snacks Milly wanted to see what the lights did so she turned them on and… THEY FELL OFF THE CELING, when we got back Taliah was in shock she yelled: WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE LIGHTS!?!

BBQ on fire!

My best friend Milly and I were sitting by the fire at 7:00 pm, my sister Gena was inside on her phone, Mum was making dinner and Dad was playing with my dog. Milly and I started to hear mums velvety voice she was getting stressed and scared but didn’t show her feelings, as she was making steak on the BBQ there was a lot of fire! Gena ran to us and told us to run far away from the fire, all of a sudden mum started screaming and dad came running out of the house the whole BBQ was on fire and we had to call the Fire Rescue so we could get help, the fire kept getting bigger and bigger, when they got here everyone got hoses and SPAYED!  the fire finally stopped and we all went to my Nan’s to stay the night.


Hot and Cold

My dad took my brother and his friend to see the worlds famous Scientist, and my mum took me and my sister to a farm with lots of different species of animals, there was a lot of pigs and cows. My brother said he didn’t like the scientist because he’s not into stuff like that, he also said the scientist was quiet and overwhelmed so he didn’t really talk. At the farm it was sooo hot and my sister was wearing long pants! Back where my brother was it was so cold because they were doing a snow experiment I wanted to go there just to feel the cool air, he said they made the snow green!

Family trip

My family and I went on a trip to Antartica, we saw a bunch of brown baby bears they were so cute they had cute little ears, small eyes and they looked so fluffy, we took some photos and then we saw two big brown adult bears they looked like the parents of the baby bears, I really wanted to get closer to them but I was scared and the ground was freezing i could still feel it even with cozy boots on. The bears were so cute so I wanted to name them, I named the baby bears Tiny, Mini and Boogie, and i just called the adult bears Mumma and Dadda bear.


My birthday

I was looking through my calender and i realised it was my birthday in 2 days! I was so exited i went to mums room which i forgot she told me not to go in because my presents were in… woops. I Saw a white shirt and quickly ran out, 2 nights later it was my birthday and i had a massive roast with my friends for dinner after that we had sticky chocolate pudding it was really tastey, After dinner me and my friends went on a walk we saw the most minuscule tree it was so cute.

The wired museum

I went to a wired dusty museum on the weekend and it felt really sketchy I saw so many spiders and cob webs it was very dirty this museum only had 1 light in the whole museum, there wasn’t much to look at downstairs so I went upstairs, upstairs was very dark and the only light was down stairs so I couldn’t see much. I saw this white thing so I went up closer to it it was a SKELETON I was so scared because I was the only one up stairs so I ran out of the museum.


My family and I were on a trip going to HOLLYWOOD LA. We were going in early 2018 and we were staying till the start of 2019. We got a really pretty hotel to stay in and I had a really cool room with a big view of the HOLLYWOOD sign we also had a pool with glass floor and walls so you could see everything from the pool. A couple weeks after we got settled in we went to this really cool place called “the explosive fair” I had no idea why they called it that but a couple hours later I understood why, I had lots of treats and almost exploded!

The scary knock

Mum and dad were at work and my sister was helping me with homeschool because we are in lockdown we were doing maths and all of a sudden we heard a bang at the door I was super scared but my sister ran and shut my door because mum said not to go outside or answer the door, a Couple minutes later we heard a louder bang My sister Annie really wanted to see what it was so she ran outside and looked through the window someone just kept banging and it was terrifying I called mum and dad and they came home as fast as they could when they got home they checked the security cameras and it turned out that some branches from a tree just fell onto our door.