The Soldier Statue

Last week i was walking my dog when i came across this statue of a soldier it looked super old and it had mud and green slimy moss around it. I thought it must have just been the way they painted it but then these kids with old fruit and raw eggs came up and started throwing the fruit and eggs at it I told them to stop but they said no and threw a egg at my dog me and my dog ran home and we saw a police go up to them and get them introuble the police got cleaning stuff out of his car and made the kids clean every little bit of the statue.


One thought on “The Soldier Statue”

  1. Hi Savanah! Oh dear, I hope the narrator and their dog were alright at the end. This story makes me curious as to why the kids were egging the statue in the first place. Was it just to cause trouble or did they have a grudge against the person depicted in the statue?

    Great work on this and keep writing!

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