I lost my sister

I was heading down town to see my sister in her new shop. When I walked past she wasn’t there. So I went home to see if she was there and she STILL wasn’t there, I then went to her favourite café that she hangs out with her friends in and again she still wasn’t there, I saw one of her best friends in the café so I went in and asked her “do you know were my sister went?” She said “last time I saw her she was at work” ‘… but where did she go?’ I shouted… I sighed…



The yellow bike

One Saturday I was walking to the park with my older sister Katie, then we came across a bright yellow bike it almost made me blind. It looked like it was tied to a pole with a zip-tie, yellow is my favourite colour so of corse I  wanted to take it home but katie said I couldn’t because it might have germs on it or it could be somebody’s and they left it there while they were playing at the park. When we were waking home we saw a little girl crying so we went up to her, she needed help cutting the zip-tie off so we helped her.